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W Magazine to Launch Shopping Issue in April 2010

Beginning in 2010, W Magazine will be launching two themed issues, starting with April being their shopping issues. According to WWD, “vice president and publisher Nina Lawrence explained the issue will be 100 percent ‘shop-able,’ which means every item shown in editorial and advertising is for sale.” Readers will be able to literally shop right from the pages of W. They can take a picture of an item from an ad, send it to an email address that in turn will send them a link to buy the item(s), a special offer, and a video to see that particular designers entire collection. I absolutely love this idea. I think it will get shoppers more involved in the market once again and not only that, but customers tend to pay more attention to ads in magazines than on TV. W is also planning a two-day shopping event in the meatpacking district at the end of March in order to mark this issue. I’ll be there.

Also, in December 2010, W will be publishing a “society issue” which will include an exploration of American society over four decades (which to say the least will be a mess), black books of NYC, LA, and D.C., and lastly a selected network of socials blogging and a bunch of photographs. Good stuff W, I’m going to have to subscribe again.

Affordable Luxury Kickin’ Not-Affordable Luxury’s Ass

We all love luxury and nice things – or at least we use to before this recession hit – but those companies aren’t really loving us anymore. Mostly because we don’t buy their stuff. According to the New York Times,

Brands like Tommy Hilfiger, D&G from Dolce & Gabbana, or Tory Burch, all selling below the luxury designer category, are growing now because they expanded or reorganized, repositioned collections or introduced new lucrative lines before the first signs of the recession.”
Tommy Hilfiger just opened a 22,000-square-foot store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. To most that would seem crazy, but his sales have grown 21% to $1.6 billion. And D&G, the little sister of Dolce & Gabanna, has had an 8% growth each year with their sales being $1.04 billion for the end of the financial year, March 31. Hopefully because these companies are doing so well, higher-end luxuries will see they need to lower their prices, some of which are ridiculous. Take that luxury.

$200 Is The New $300

When it comes to designer jeans, they can get pretty expensive in pricing. And with the recession, people being broke, and people afraid to even step foot in a mall, it’s hard for designers to even price their clothing above $10. And when people see $300, they probably think, HOW DARE YOU?! Well, no worries my friends, the $200 jean is now the new $300 jean. “The key price is under $200 now,” said Eric Jennings, the men’s fashion director at Saks Fifth Avenue. “The superexpensive stuff is not performing as well.” Designer jeans are sometimes made with a little more detail than other jeans; however, many times designers are pricing their jeans at prices customers’ thought they were worth, not necessarily what they were really worth. And because of all the financial issues, customers have started to catch on. It’s easier now to get something like a Levi’s jean for much cheaper and that still looks great. However I’m guilty, I will spend the money on a nice pair of jeans. Nonetheless, I’m on to these designers and their crazy prices.

Ms. Gaga To Receive Fashion Award

Okay to get this clear, I love Lady Gaga, so you may be hearing about her a lot in my posts. She’s definitely a style icon and she makes great music as well. Everything a girl like me needs. Her daring style and off the wall outfits have given her a lot of attention and now there is proof it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Ms. Gaga will be awarded the Stylemaker Award at the 13th annual Accessories Council Excellence Awards aka ACE Awards this Monday night. The girl does know how to accessorize, i.e. a bird’s nest on her head. The award will be given by Marc Jacobs at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York. Other honorees includ Diane von Furstenberg, Tomas Maler of Bottega Veneta and Blake Mycoskle of Tom’s Shoes. Yayy for Gaga!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Made me feel real bad, because i laughed...u try not 2!

Be honest...u laughed too

Christian Louboutin & Piper Heidsieck

In 1880s France, it was a popular ritual for men to drink champagne out of a woman’s shoe. With all the gross diseases going around today, I don’t know about that; but Louboutin is trying to revive that tradition in a different way. Christian Louboutin and Piper Heidsieck have partnered up to make a “champagne shoe.” The champagne by Piper Heidsieck comes in a box set with a champagne glass made into a shoe designed by Louboutin. The set went on sale October 26 exclusively at Colette for about $519. But sadly, it’s only shipped in France. The rest of us will just have to enjoy our champagne in regular, boring, not-red-bottom, glasses. Boooooooo.

Jimmy Choo for H&M

That sounds like a fantastic plan to me. Back in July it was announced that Jimmy Choo would be doing a line for H&M, and that alone was fabulous news. More recently, the collection has been leaked online showcasing some of its pieces. It includes shoes (of course), bags, jewelry, clothes and other accessories. There’s an over-the-knee boot that retails for $299, some suede dresses, a sequined jacket and plenty of shiny stuff. Jimmy Choo founder and president said they had a hard time making nice things at an H&M price point but nonetheless made a great day-to-night collection. I don’t know how many people are going to be exactly wearing fringed dresses and sequined jackets to work (unless you’re in the fashion industry), but it’s good to hope :)

Click here to see some of the leaked pictures of the collection.

Gee-yoncé In "Video Phone"

Beyoncé is collaborating with Lady Gaga for her video, “Video Phone,” and with that, there could be issues. Not any personality or crazy chic problems but, honestly, who would outshine who? It’s Beyoncé’s video, but as well know, Lady Gaga has some tricks up her sleeves when it comes to fashion and style. I mean the girl wore a bird’s nest on her head at the MTV awards and not to mention she was sort of dying in her performance on stage. She’s wild (and that’s everything I love about her). But, she’ll probably need to calm it down and let Bey shine. However, Ms. Gaga is channeling her Sasha Fierce and conforming to Bey’s style for the video. Supposedly, she’s wearing "a white strapless leotard, matching opera gloves, and long, flowing hair," according to People.

“When I was doing her video with her, she called me, and she said, ‘What do you want to do?’” Gaga revealed in an interview with New York’s Z100 radio station on Tuesday morning. “And I’m like, ‘I don’t want to show up in some frickin’ hair bow and be fashion Gaga in your video.’ I said, ‘I want to do you.’” In the same interview, Gaga said she just wanted to “do my version of Beyoncé, so the whole time I was learning the choreography they were calling me Gee-yoncé.”

Gee-yoncé? Hmm. Well nonetheless my girl Bey could take some style advice from La Gaga, too. They’re both fly and make good music; this should be interesting.

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Menswear Trend Report

Personally, I dig menswear way more than I like women’s-wear. Lately, I think guys have been kicking the ladies asses in terms of style, and I love seeing the new trends that designers come out with for our men. In terms of this spring, I’m excited for all the trends that walked down the runway and how males are going to translate them to the streets. Here are some of the trends that stood out to me the most during fashion week:

Mixed Prints - Marc by Marc Jacobs & Dries Van Noten

Neckwear - Hermès & Bottega Veneta

Weekend Bags - D&G & Louis Vuitton

Shorts - Michael Bastian & Emporio Armani

Jackets - Ralph Lauren & Michael Bastian

Head over to to see all of the menswear for Spring 2010 and the trends you've seen here.

Spring 2010 Women's Trends

Hello everyone, Ashley here, the wonderful fashion blogger for Crushed Pearls :) I’m here to add the flair, style, and chicness of high fashion to the lifestyle of the Crushed Pearls experience. For me, fashion is a lifestyle. It ignites all the senses and brings forth and epitomizes our imagination.

For any fashionista, one of the most important aspects of style and fashion is what we all know as fashion week. Whether it’s domestic, right here in New York or L.A.; or international, Milan, Paris, London, etc…fashion week brings home the trends for each season. To start off my quest with Crushed Pearls, I thought I’d give you some incite on what I thought the biggest trends to hit the runway during Spring fashion week 2010. Make sure to check back later for menswear.

Shorts - Marc by Marc Jacobs

Party Dresses - Jason Wu

The Trench - Burberry Prorsum

Tribal - Alexander McQueen

Leather - Hermès

Head over to to see all the runway shows for spring 2010 and the trends you saw here.

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Money to Blow...i do believe so!

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