Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nicki Minaj Covers Vibe Magazine

Yes ma'm. Loving this. This isn't the actual cover but a tease of the June/July issue of
Vibe magazine. I want that corset.

Poor Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay had a disasterous "leggings line", was fired from Emanuel Ungoro for possibly being the worst creative director in history, drugged up, and is now in court looking a mess. Get it together girl.

Underwear That Burns Fat While You Walk!

What will they come up with next? Japanese undergarment maker Wacoal created underwear for men and women that can burn fat, or flatten tummies, while you walk. Why not?

Mike Posner- Cooler than me

this video is cooler than most ive seen...take a gander!

Beyonce's New Ad For C&A

Beyonce looks very pretty in her new ad for the European clothing company C&A. There will also be a commercial to follow that hits Europe within the next few weeks. (P.S. They airbrushed the hell outta her!)