Sunday, January 31, 2010

This is the kickoff to a wild February!

Go-Go X Yung LA X 12 Atlantic Station: yes u do need to be there!

Spiz'ike-Feb '10

I usually dont do this, but i love the cement on these joints. Might grab...neva know!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

i@WoL X RAW REPORT: Playa Circle X Lil Wayne Big Dawg videoshoot

special shout out to my big bro keith for holding me down in my absense, we getting it in sumtin serious this year...u hear me?!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Paris Haute Couture - Valentino Spring/Summer

Uhhhh...I'm not really feeling this collection. Seemed a little much and very Avatar like, but not in a good way lol. There were pieces that I really liked but as an entire collection, whomp. To see more go to

New Video: Mariah Carey ft. Nicki Minaj - Up Out My Face

Jezabelles Shoe Line...HOT HOT HOT!

Louboutin, McQueen, and Manolo’s are all brands we think about when we think of luxury shoes. They are creative, unique, and awe inspiring. But has the name Jezabelles ever crossed your mind when it comes to luxury shoes? When we think of the word “Jezebel” we usually think of, someone not so good. But Dominique Michelle’s line of glamorous shoes, Jezabelles, create an entire different view on the meaning of the word and soon we will all have an opposing definition.

The Jezabelles shoe line, based out of Washington, D.C., is an extension of the Dominique Michelle brand, inspired by her own unique style and what she likes to see other women walking in. She describes her designs as “eye catching, attention drawing, and vibrant - all qualities I think every woman should have - head to toe.”

She began designing shoes awhile back in order to create a unique pair of heels that reflected her own style. “I had a pair of blue pumps that I loved but could never seem to figure out how I would wear them and it made me wonder ‘what if I made some changes to them, then maybe I'd wear them...’, so I did. I put pictures of them up online just to see what some of my friends thought.” After putting them online, other women began to inquire about the shoes and wanted their own pair; the rest is history.

Coming into this industry is tough and extremely cutthroat, but Dominique believes she has already set herself apart. “I have not seen anything attainable by the masses that looks like what I design. The customized service I provide is a definite plus to every woman who cannot stand seeing the next person wearing what they have on or need something more specific that cannot simply be found in a store.” All of the pumps are completely unique, including some of the embroidered pieces with fabric and ribbons that Dominique creates herself.

Soon enough, you will not only be seeing the Jezabelles shoe line, but also the entire Dominique Michelle brand in stores, which she hopes to feature shoes, accessories and clothing. The shoes are currently priced between $80-$200 and for now you can inquire and purchase them directly from Dominique at, reach her at 202.680.9730, follow her on twitter @Jezabelles_DMW, add her on Facebook to see more styles, or check out the website which will be officially up soon

American Apparel Is Looking For The Next Butt Model

American Apparel is looking for the next best butt, and hysterically, it could be you. They are asking regular people to submit their culo on the website to be viewed, rated and commented on. The American Apparel judges will pick the winner and they could possibly be the newest butt model for the company. This is a serious contest, people. AA is a hilarious company lol.
To sign up, click here!

New Video: Usher - Hey Daddy [Official]

Currensy in ATL

And of Course The Stills:

ummmm with all this...need I say more...JETS FOOL...GET FUCKING HIP!i@WoL

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Video: Chester French & Clinton Sparks ft. Diddy & Jadakiss - Ciroc Star

Paris Haute Couture - Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer HOT!!

Jean Paul Gaultier showed out at his 2010 spring/summer haute couture collection! It was very Mexican like with an Avatar flavor lol. At his show he had "a mariachi band. He had gauchos, sombreros, striped peasant blankets, Spanish shawls, and cigars," according to He went all the way out. Apparently he was at an exhibition about Moctezuma, an Aztec emperor, last year in London where he got his inspiration. I loved the show. To see more go to

Pink Dissing Beyonce? Uh Uh!

So I guess Pink thought it would be cute to do a little "parody" of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" during her song "Stupid Girls." She imitated the popular dance Beyonce does in "Single Ladies" and has on this raggedy blonde wig. (pause) If anyone knows me, they know I love Bey...I'm sorry "Pink" but I will snatch you up, you are no where close to Bey's level. That is all.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Last Night On "The Bad Girls Club"...

Kate spits in Kendra's face & Kendra decides the best way to fight back is with a pillow. She's clearly not bout that life....

Zara Spring/Summer Look Book 2010

Zara put out a sneak peak of their 2010 spring/summer collection via Facebook today. The color palette is very neutral but I really like what's being shown so far. Hooray for summer!

New Video: Usher - Hey Daddy [Sneak Peak]

30 second sneak peak of Usher's new video "Hey Daddy."

Karmaloop Spring 2010 Accessories Look Book - DOPE!

Karmaloop put out there spring 2010 accessories look book which features Melody Ehasani, Cheap Monday, Disney Couture Jewelry, *The Extras accessories, A-morir sunglasses in the shoot. I love it, very hot. All the accessories can be found on

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WTF Of The Day: Weatherman Compares Amount Of Snow In Inches To His Wang

Sir....what are you talking about? lol

Paris Haute Couture - Chanel Spring/Summer Collection

The haute couture collections for spring/summer are still showing in Paris and Chanel just showed earlier today. The looks were very romantic and light and used a lot of whites and pale colors giving a fresh feeling.

To see the rest of the looks from Chanel's haute couture show go to