Friday, January 22, 2010

“Eggplant” Foamposite Re-Release Confirmation?

We are only a little over three weeks away from biggest, first quarter Nike release of 2010 in the form of the “Copper” Nike Air Foamposite. However, while we impatiently wait for that sneaker, more Foamposite news has surfaced on the web to many sneaker lover’s surprise and excitement.

It seems the rumors we reported on earlier were true. The “Eggplant” Nike Air Foamposite will re-release some time in March. Included in these detailed photos is a shot of the product tag that features a manufactured date (10/07/09). If you recall, this particular sneaker first released last February, so the manufacture date is eight months after its original release. Therefore, you can expect these to release in March without a doubt. Which pair will you purchase: the “Eggplants”, the “Coppers” or both? Click here to view detailed photos.

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