Thursday, October 29, 2009

Christian Louboutin & Piper Heidsieck

In 1880s France, it was a popular ritual for men to drink champagne out of a woman’s shoe. With all the gross diseases going around today, I don’t know about that; but Louboutin is trying to revive that tradition in a different way. Christian Louboutin and Piper Heidsieck have partnered up to make a “champagne shoe.” The champagne by Piper Heidsieck comes in a box set with a champagne glass made into a shoe designed by Louboutin. The set went on sale October 26 exclusively at Colette for about $519. But sadly, it’s only shipped in France. The rest of us will just have to enjoy our champagne in regular, boring, not-red-bottom, glasses. Boooooooo.

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