Friday, October 30, 2009

$200 Is The New $300

When it comes to designer jeans, they can get pretty expensive in pricing. And with the recession, people being broke, and people afraid to even step foot in a mall, it’s hard for designers to even price their clothing above $10. And when people see $300, they probably think, HOW DARE YOU?! Well, no worries my friends, the $200 jean is now the new $300 jean. “The key price is under $200 now,” said Eric Jennings, the men’s fashion director at Saks Fifth Avenue. “The superexpensive stuff is not performing as well.” Designer jeans are sometimes made with a little more detail than other jeans; however, many times designers are pricing their jeans at prices customers’ thought they were worth, not necessarily what they were really worth. And because of all the financial issues, customers have started to catch on. It’s easier now to get something like a Levi’s jean for much cheaper and that still looks great. However I’m guilty, I will spend the money on a nice pair of jeans. Nonetheless, I’m on to these designers and their crazy prices.

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