Monday, November 16, 2009

Who Keeps Giving Lindsay Lohan Work?!

Seriously, who keeps hiring Lindsay Lohan thinking it’s okay. I really like her as an actress…but I truly don’t want her being a creative/artistic director, designer, or even thinking about telling me what is a correct fashion choice. She is said to be working with jeweler Pascal Mouawad, the man who helped Jermaine Dupri with his new watch collection, Nu Pop Movement. "Pascal and I are actually working together, we’re doing something with a friend who owns bebe," she told Access Hollywood. "We’re doing a collection for them and we’re also going to be doing some other things." What things can you possibly be doing? But this Pascal character has made some horrible, horrible decisions in choosing who he is going to collaborate with in terms of jewelry. Exhibit A – Nicole Richie’s Harlow collection and Exhibit B – Kelly Bensimone’s (you know the annoying/crazy NYC housewife?) Navajo-inspired jewelry collection. Well, let us hope this isn’t a complete FAIL as well.

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