Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gucci Brothers Making Their Own Handbag Line

Guccio Gucci and Alessandro Gucci, grandsons of Gucci who founded the house 90 years ago, are starting their own handbag line called To Be G. The two brothers definitely have the creative flow in their blood, as well as the blessing of the Gucci name, but don’t plan on using said blessing. They want to make their own mark in the fashion world. Guccio, the creative force of To Be G stated, “we are not doing this because our name is Gucci, nor do we want to replicate what the Gucci brand is doing. We have our own vision.”

The line is suppose to drop next spring which will consist of “a collection of classic European designs which feature a signature lily motif on every piece across patent, cracked, woven and butter-soft leathers,” according to myfashionlife.com. I honestly hate the name “To Be G” but I understand where they are going with not trying to use their grandfather’s name. Excited to see what the entire line looks like and what the prices are. I wonder if their line is dropping the same time as the Gucci movie comes out? Any publicity is good publicity...

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