Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alicia Keys' New Jewelry Line

A piece from The Barber's Daughters

So as I stated before, I have a serious girl crush on Alicia Keys. She’s gorgeous, has an amazing style, she can sing, and now she’s starting her own jewelry line. The collection, called The Barber’s Daughters, will be premiere Monday at a temporary shop at Collette Blanchard Gallery at 26 Clinton Street in Lower Manhattan. It will only be open Monday and Tuesday to create some buzz throughout the public. Her line will officially be launched fall 2010. The line was “founded with jewelry designer Gisèle Theriault, the collection is comprised of sterling silver and gemstone pieces, each inscribed with poetry and prayers of Masaru Emoto, the author of ‘The Hidden Messages in Water',” according to WWD. It will retail from $85 to $2,500 and will be available on If her line is as classy and beautiful as she is, I will definitely look into buying it.

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