Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rihanna's Topless GQ Cover

Rihanna is on the cover of the January issue of GQ looking great. Glad to see she's getting back out there and moving on with her life. Inside the issue is her interview with GQ and it's actually pretty interesting. Some of it included:

By the way, did you ever graduate high school?
No. I wanted to. I just got really busy.

Did you blame yourself?
Initially? I mean…actually, no, I never blamed myself, but I wondered what,
what did I do to provoke it?…

Let's hope not. [HM hovers closer] So what do you want to put out there that you haven't gotten a chance to talk about?
Uh, there's nothing that I, like, specifically think to put out there. There's not a lot more that I can possibly put out there. Everything's out there. I mean, people are just, you know, they misperceive me.

How so?
They just don't understand me. I just think people straight up don't know who I am; they just know what I look like, they know the
idea of me. But—they'll learn more this time, because now I let my guard down, and I'm more comfortable just being myself. That's exactly what I want to be. And even on the album, you definitely get a gist of my personality.

When people were bringing up herpes, for instance. Saying that's why he hurt you— Right. And it's not true. It's a fucking scar. On my lip. That's there every day of my life.

It must be hard reading that kind of stuff. It's not like it's hard. It's more ignorant. At first I was like, Are you serious? First I thought people were gonna definitely know that that's not…But when I read it, and I see that people just buy into that…Like, the minute they see it, it forms something in their head.

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