Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lady Gaga's Avant Gardeness Up For Sale!

Many people are kind of over Lady Gaga right now and all the news behind her. Some of us (including me), however, are not. And because I am not over her yet, I jump at the chance to relay any news I've heard about her. So for the rest of you who aren't over her yet and have a strong, daring sense of fashion, GOOD NEWS! Some of her own pieces are up for sale. Not Just A Label has joined together with Ms. Gaga for their Celebrity Christmas special and featured some of her pieces up for grabs. Some of the items include the "Bad Romance" Lace Half Hat by Savanna_Wyatt, Crystal Vambrace by AND_I, the "Paparazzi" Eye Patch by AND_I, Box Trousers by Orschelread, and the Protection Cape by Ascione. It's pretty expensive but hey, at least you can say you wore something from La Gaga's closet.

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