Monday, March 29, 2010

FUBU Is Officially Back...WHY?

So our favorite childhood "urban" brand (gag) is back, and with a new name, FB Legacy. I guess because it left a legacy of embarrassment for urban wear and many other horrible things to come after it. It also has an extremely wack and somewhat familiar commercial for it's comeback.

Kinda reminds you of the Apple vs. PC commercials right? Sidenote: Team Apple. Not only is their commercial remarkable similar but their new slogan, "Trend is Short. Style is Forever," sounds awfully similar to Yves Saint Laurent's quote "fashions fade, style is eternal."

Look here FUBU, FB Legacy or whatever you're calling yourself nowadays. I'm going to need for you to get some creativity and originality before you try and make a comeback on these poor, unexpecting children who might not know about your awful clothes. I'm fed up with this nonsense and anyone being able to own a clothing line. America is too reckless for my liking.


  1. It seems as tho you have been sipping from the hateraid a bit too much. I remember fubu back in the days, and I don't recall it being so wack. In fact, it was the hottest shit you could find at one time. I copped a couple of pieces, but was never in huge on fubu..but that was moreso about my personal tastes. I don't see anything wrong with the new name or even the new clothes. Its not like they are trying to bring 05 jerseys and Fat albert bck...Then I would have a problem too.

    You say ANYONE can have a clothing line...I agree and its rediculous...but if you aint part of the solution...then please be quiet.

    BTW, I dont see calvin klein, ralph lauren or yves st. laurent doing ANYTHING for OUR communities. These brothers put there money where their mouth was. I saw the brothers from fubu paying for and fixing up playgrounds and basketball courts, giving out scholarships and supporting the black community at the height of their success..

    So yes ANYONE can have a clothing line, but these guy should at least be given a chance on the merit of what they are doing NOW. If it's wack, then don't buy it. If it's not, then give it a chance and stop all the hating. Every designer I have known has put out some wack shit before. Fubu is no different, but its the hits that keep you in business. Let's see what they got.

    I also like the new ads. I get that its a take on the apple spots. I thinks thats the whole point. They still make the point and deliver the message. So I'm not mad....unlike you

  2. No one is mad nor hating. Personally, I did NOT like their clothes when they were out and I still don't. If you do, that's great go support them, I won't be. This is my personal opinion and if you don't like it, carry on please. And I was just pointing out their unoriginality to their ads and slogan, which is undoubtedly similar to the YSL quote and Apple ads.

  3. Umm were hating. You said you were simply point out the similarities between YSL and Apple but how does "I guess because it left a legacy of embarrassment for urban wear", or "..before you try and make a comeback on these poor, unexpecting children who might not know about your awful clothes".

    Fubu and it's founders have NOTHING to be embarrassed about. They changed the BUSINESS of fashion and opened doors for many other brands that started black owned and sold for hundreds of millions of dollars (i.e Phat Farm, Sean John and Rocawear) Let's see you change the world of blogging with the same kind of impact.

    As for awful clothes, I'm curious to know exactly what you mean. The quality and worksmanship of Fubu clothes has always remained pretty high, which is probably why you STILL see cats in played out Fubu from the 90's. The new stuff is very high in quality and worksmanship also. I saw it up close on the set of a Souljah Boy video. It's actually pretty good, durable and heavy duty stuff.

    Everyone is entitled to their own big deal.
    I agree with you that the so-called urban fashion brands haven't always been a pretty site, but just because you print Prada, Gucci or YSL on it don't make it hot either. I've seen products by ALL of them that i wouldn't wear if you threatened my life.

    I would just say least get your facts straight about FB Legacy, which isn't the same product as the Fubu of old, or provide some substantive context for your readers..Otherwise, all you will come off as is the hater that you say you are not.

  4. i so agree with boomer!!! u were extremely hating. i have seen the new fb legacy clothes and they are great!! i would wear it anytime any place. like he said they were the ones who set stage for all these urban companies that are out now!! so u should give respect to where respect is do!!!